We believe in farm to table freshness and you will taste the difference.

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We believe in farm to table freshness and you will taste the difference. Beer, wine and specialty cocktails available.


Come to us or we can come to you.


Dining should always be an experience of the senses, from the presentation of the food, to the moment your taste buds ignite. The moment Chef Blackburn began his culinary career he knew he wanted to deliver a high quality experience from inception to delivery.

Your food arrives and the aroma makes your mouth water. The meticulous design of every hors d’oeuvre leaves you in anticipation of your first bite. And when you taste it, your senses have not failed you. It is exactly what you hoped for. That is our desire as we bring our service to you.

Whether we are meeting at your office, catering your event or you are dining at one of our venues, we bring a high quality experience to you every time.

Our highly trained staff caters to your needs. Our goal is to bring exceptional customer service, high quality menus and a memorable experience every time. We are here for you from the planning stages through to the culmination of your event.


The Kitchen




Chef Chris was born and raised in Pilot Mountain, NC. As a child, Chris was greatly influenced by his grandmother Josephine (yep, the namesake of Josephines Kitchen) who was a true Southern Belle and, like many southern women, a fabulous cook. Today, at Josephine’s, you’ll see Chris technical background and attention to detail at work on your table. You’ll find that your meals have flavor profiles that work perfectly, though you may be surprised by the combination. Come and see for yourself!



“Sarah is an incredibly hard worker. Her love of hospitality runs through every vein of her body. There are nights at Josephine's that she starts out greeting guests and ends up on the line in the kitchen. If that's not dedication to the guest experience then I don't know what is. It is always a pleasure to dine in one of her restaurants and I love that we are supporting a locally owned, community invested restaurant.” - Diner



We are grateful to have Victor in our kitchen. His commitment to quality and excellence are top-notch. His friendly personality makes him a pleasure to work with. Victor has a long line of culinary experience.